Today the site should finally fulfil the requirements of the Norwegian “ekomloven” that came into effect July 1st. The requirements are more than fulfilled, because not only can you now find information on the use of cookies, you can also reject the use of them as required by European Union legislation. It took some time to get this fully in place as the solution used, the Joomla! extension Cookie Confirm from Twentronix, had to be translated to Norwegian first, and I recently completed the translation.

This weekend the IT infrastructure has been upgraded with installation of our own cloud service using the free software ownCloud.

This is a brilliant solution if you are an individual or a small business wanting to enjoy the benefits of cloud services where data are stored on a web server under your own control.
File synchronization is supported with clients for Linux, Windows and Mac OS as well as via WebDAV. Files can be shares with other users on your own cloud.

Using openSUSE with KDE as desktop environment synchronization of contact information and calendar was set up in seconds by adding a DAV Grouware resource to Akonadi’s resource configuration.

Today, February 1st 2013, is the day from which Vettug AS starts normal operations.

The web site is opened, but apart from that not much will be different from yesterday.

The first month in business has passed, and invoices are created. So far the expenses have been consuming the share capital, and there has not been enough money to pay salaries. It will be nice to get money in to the bank account so the salary can be paid to the employee(s).